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The Devil and Daisy Jane has never been fully-produced

We had a successful, sold-out staged workshop presentation in August of
2011 in Hollywood, CA and are currently in the planning stages for the
next phase of development.

The Devil and Daisy Jane is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud modern musical
comedy for all ages.  To find out how to become a part of the next step,
or to inquire about producing the show in your theatre, email
The Devil and Daisy Jane
a new musical
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What are people saying about The Devil and Daisy Jane?

After the sold-out performance of our last staged workshop presentation on August 14th, 2011 (which received a
standing ovation),  we held a talk-back with our audience, which was comprised of people ages 10 through 90.  The
most common questions asked were "What is happening next?"  "When is it going to Broadway?"  "What can we do
to make it happen?"

The fact is:  audiences LOVE this show.   Here's what people are saying:

"I enjoyed this show from beginning to end. The music was fun, the satire was right on, the performers (every one
of them!) were fabulous. "   -Linda L.

"An excellent musical in the making. This was only considered a workshop, but already it's as enjoyable and
polished as many Broadway shows I've seen." -Benjamin Oberman

"Awesome! Music and book were wonderful. Catchy tunes well executed by a very talented cast. The Pop Tartz were
my favorite. Very timely piece, given the passing of yet another talented star, Amy Winehouse. Really enjoyable
theatrical experience." -Goldstar member

"I go to a lot of plays and when I saw "The Devil & Daisy Jane" last night. I was totally BLOWN AWAY....
EXCELLENT.   Not only was it an excellent story/musical, but the songs and singing talent was Exceptional."
- Wes  

"It was truly an enjoyable evening in the theatre.  When I went I did not know what to expect, but was bowled over
with the whole show. The show itself both book, music and lyrics,the production values(wonderful use of video
screens), and the verve and energy of the performers.  The  pacing was great and it never stopped to slow down."  
- Bill Bergfeldt
We've been awarded "Best New Musical of 2010-2011"
"Best Ensemble Cast Lead Performance" for our
August 2011 Workshop Presentation by StageSceneLA!  
Not only that, but many of our cast and crew also got
individual awards - and it
wasn't even a full production!  
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