August 2011 Staged Workshop Presentation Stills
The Devil and Daisy Jane
a new musical
"America's Next Super Pop Star" judes Luc, Zora and Mo
Daisy and Ben audition
Daisy meets Luc on the subway
Ben listens as Byron sings about "the Nature of The Biz"
Daisy and The Pop Tartz filming"Boys and Candy"
Ben, Daisy and Chad Hammock on the red carpet
Daisy and Zora
Bobby Shrub, Daisy, Juliette Della Pants, Shalisa & Tanya
"The Ballad of Bobby Shrub"
"This Is Where It Ends"
Luc and Daisy
The Pop Tartz in "Bedroom Eyes"
Daisy and Ben - "Lift Me Up"
Luc and Company - "Lift You Up"